Message from Rector
Welcome to COASTAL KZN FET COLLEGE, Your Pioneering Centre of Excellence. Our vision is to service the socio-economic needs of a diverse community with world class education and training. Education is not for a particular age group only hence our vision is education and training leading to life long learning.

By joining this college you will be afforded the opportunity of participating in some of the programmes and courses as a member of the team. Our success story is the result of teamwork, dedicated academics, as well as support staff and students who are willing to learn and be experts in their various fields of operation.

Access to the college is for the unemployed as well as the employed. We also cater for adult learners who want to ‘sharpen their saws’ from time to time. Because of the partnership that we have with industry, we are engaged in a high level of delivery of custom designed programmes for local industry.

Past, present and future learners and parents, employers, education officials, aspirant industry leaders, successful industry leaders – all the people who brought us to where we are to day – contemplating an exciting future, I salute you.


Pay us a visit at one of our Coastal KZN campuses. Let us see how we can add value to your life through the various education and training programmes that we run. A literate and skilled person will be more capable to participate meaningfully in the democratic processes thus contributing to the development and economic growth in particular of KwaZulu-Natal and the Republic of South Africa in general.