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Student Accommodation


Umlazi-V, Umbumbulu and Appelsbosch Campuses have student accommodation. Hostel numbers are limited to 250 students at Umlazi V, 250 students at Umbumbulu and 295 students at Appelsbosch. The provision of hostel accommodation is to support learning for students whose home address is further than 40km radius from the Campus.  NSFAS funding is not guaranteed for hostel accommodation. Funds are severely limited in this regard and do not cover the full cost of the hostel. Shortfall is to the account of the student.

Hostel Compliance:

  • Priority will be given to returning students who have achieved high level of academic performance. Where space is still available, then new entry level students can be considered.
  • Students have to apply AND register for the duration of each course of study for hostel accommodation.  Hostel accommodation is NOT GUARANTEED even if a student was previously accommodated.
  • Hostel accommodation is solely for current registered students - if you are not a student registered for a full complement of subjects you are not allowed to be in the hostel. (Residing of unregistered people in the hostels will be regarded as trespassing).
  • All students wishing to be accommodated in the hostel MUST complete a Hostel Application form;
  • All completed application forms will be evaluated for compliance against set criteria for admission purposes.
  • Successful applicants will be registered, allocated a room and keys.