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Student Support Services


Students Support Services is coordinated at all our Campuses by dedicated Student Liaison Officers by the provision of a wide variety of services with an aim of ensuring exciting Campus life as well as enhancing interest and motivation to effective teaching and learning. Some of the activities are:

  • Financial Aid to needy and deserving students.
  • Career Guidance & Counselling
  • Orientation
  • Study skills- Study methods-Exam preparation-Time management etc
  • Job Hunting Skills- Preparation for the world of work.
  • Preparation for further study.
  • Information on Wellness/health issues ( HIV & Aids, Drugs etc)
  • Entrepreneurship development support- Information and support with information for self-employment.
  • Leadership development (SRC)
  • Sport
  • Choir & Cultural activities.
  • Poetry, Reading Clubs, Debating, Spelling Bee
  • Adequately resourced libraries.
  • In-service-training
  • Job Placement

Student Counselling and Guidance

The service is accessible to all students of the college. At all our eight campuses we have dedicated Career Guidance Officers at service. All new students are subjected to a College readiness test which helps you to establish gaps and support necessary for the students to excel in their chosen fields. Careers resources are also available to you. Should you be in need of career counselling, you can make an appointment with your Campus Counsellor.
Personal Counselling is part of the responsibility of the SSS Unit and offered ensuring high level of confidentiality. This assist those who may be facing crisis situations, adjustments or challenges that may affect students’ level of performance. One on one and group interventions are in place in the form of workshops and seminars on some more common areas of concern for students such as anxiety, stress management and time management.
Learning support is available and facilitated by the Counsellors and the Student Liaison Officers in form of study and learning skills for assessments and examination preparation.

Services offered:

  • Pre-Registration Counselling & Guidance.
  • Administration of Placement Tool.
  • Advising on Career Choice.
  • Provision of Life skills, Health & Wellness Education.
  • Study skills, academic development and support.
  • Emotional support.