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Student Representative Council


The Student Representative Council (SRC) is considered to be a statutory structure as provided for in the Higher Education Act. The SRC offers a variety of services to individual students and different student groupings and in offering these services the SRC exercises political, economic and administrative authority in order to manage the activities of student life. As such, the SRC is the highest decision-making structure of student governance at Coastal KZN TVET College.
In line with the definition of governance, the roles and responsibilities of the SRC include:

1. Participating in institutional decision-making structures.
2. Advising and supporting the delivery of effective and efficient student support services.
3. Managing and administering student representation at different levels.
4. Advising on the development of academic programmes and student-learning experiences.
5. Participating in the development and implementation of institutional and national policies on higher education.
6. Manage the antagonist forces that are at play to make sure they derail the train that seeks to transform our education inside and outside the campuses.

The SRC is elected annually by the students and consists of 67 members who either represent both local and Central SRC (7 of each campus + Central deployees & 11 of Central only). The duties, functions, privileges, and term of office are set out in the SRC Constitution and election by-laws which must be approved by Council as institutional rules.

The SRC is a vital stakeholder within Coastal KZN TVET College, since various decisions require consultation with the SRC. Coastal KZN TVET College through these processes embraces the notion of co-operative governance.

Student Representative Councils is fully functional at all the eight Campuses. In the College SRC EXCO all Campuses are represented by the Campus Chairpersons.






President (a deployee of SASCO)




Secretary General (a deployee of SASCO)




Two members (President and Secretary General) of the Central SRC represent students in the:

  • College Academic Board
  • College Council
  • Financial Aid Committee